La Tribune
April 2009

A Guardian Angel to find the rare Pearl

A clientele largely composed of French living outside of Paris, expats, and overbooked Parisians.

Time is money, and the Anglo-Saxons understand this. Within the past 15 years they call on buying agents to find the apartment of their dreams, this new activity is booming.
Pioneers began appearing in 2000 the majority of these 150 agents within this market are less than two years old.

FNCI Federation Francaise des Chasseurs Immoblieres and the FNCI Federation National Chasseurs Immobliere, both adhere to their golden rule,Not to mix the roles between real estate agents and buying agents. The members cannot sell properties, or be directors of real estate agencies.

The objective, avoid conflict of interests.For the young professionals- “the real estate agencies did not take my son seriously, since he was working long hours, and could not always visit the apartments. Living in Montpellier it was not easy for us to assure the back and forth trips.
She decided to call a buyers agent. She found an apartment after 15 days thanks to the services proposed by Christine Pelosse head of Homelike Home. She fills the needs of a clientele largely composed of French living outside of Paris, Expats looking for a “Pied a terre” and overbooked Parisians. “ We determine a detailed outline of specific criteria then we visit properties, and provide neutral feedback.

Selection of Services
Summary reports are automatically sent to clients, and we call if the property corresponds 95% . We ask that they are very reactive. It is also common for our clients to make an offer at distance. We then propose on going services such as enrolling children in schools, organizing painting, renovation and interior decoration.

The commissions are paid once the transaction in final. These vary between 2% and 7% based on the price of the property, and depending on whether there Is an intermediary or not.
Real estate agents like working with buying agents that bring a perfectly matched client for their properties.

Buying agents assure saving time, not necessarily acquiring a bargain.

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