Le Figaro Magazine
April 2007

For two years I looked for apartments in Paris, met with a lot of real estate agents all full of promises. recalls Jean-Pierre LAUNAY an executive based in Singapore.
For this expat looking for a “pied a terre” became a battle until he commissioned Christine Pelosse, buyer’s agent and cofounder of Homelike Home, whom each years doubles their revenues. Thanks to the internet site and photo put online Jean Pierre could follow the evolution of the search process.One month after their initial meeting Christine Pelosse, who left her advertisingCareer four years earlier, found an apartment that fit his budget. She signed the promise of the sale in his absence, given the power of attorney.A profession born in the United States now quickly spreading in France.
The target market;

  • People who don’t have the time
  • Clients discouraged with real estate agents
  • Foreign investors or Expats
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