We were living in Casablanca. when we decided to purchase a “pied a terre “ in Paris. We realized that following the Parisian real estate market from a distance, and asking friends to visit places was not going to be productive.

We decided to hire a buyers agent. After consulting agents on internet, we chose Homelike Home, and did not regret our decision !

The first and most important step is discussing the project in detail.  In our case Lara Bel was there to listen to our priorities and help us determine the most important criteria for our research.

We were particularly impressed with the quality of the summary reports, the ease in using our client acces on the Homelike Home website, and the invaluable advice and comments with reference to each property. Lara had sent us 6  excellent,very detailed summary reports. When we selected our top choice, a friend visited the apartment to confirm Lara’s analysis which lead us to our decision. We signed the “promesse de vente” without having seen the apartment ourselves, a sign of confidence for the work provided by Homelike Home.

Eric Cecconello Casablanca, Morocco
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