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    Chasseurs immobilier - Homelike Home
    Since 2003

    Property hunter in Lyon

    The city of Lyon is famous for its “Bouchons” (typical local bistro) and its Festival of Lights.
    It is also a fast-growing high-tech city, strategically located between the sea and the mountains.

    From the beautiful apartments in the City Centre between the Rhône and the Saône rivers to the bobo lofts in the Croix Rousse districts, from the 1930s detached houses to the architect’s villas with swimming pool in Montchat, there is something for everyone, but prices in Lyon are rising fast… very fast.

    In the highly sought-after downtown district, prices are soaring and larger flats, which are very rare, sell for gold, with prices easily reaching €8,000 per square meter. Even the Part-Dieu train station district, which is in the process of being redeveloped, is showing an insolent growth of +13% in 2018/2019 with a median price of € 4290/m2.

    With an insufficient renewal of offers and overbidding on properties, the price boom seems likely to continue. In Lyon, Homelike Home is, therefore, the partner of choice to enable you to quickly find the property that meets your criteria, thanks to its reactivity and its detailed and global knowledge of the market and its players. We support you throughout the entire research process, from outlining what you are looking for in a property to the final signature.

    The advantages of Homelike Home Lyon

    We conduct research for purchases and rentals, for individuals and professionals, in Lyon and its Metropolitan Area.

    Our Fees

    We carry out purchase and rental research, for individuals and professionals, in Lyon.

    Purchase :

    If the property is listed by a real estate agency, other intermediary or direct from the seller, the commission fees remain the same.

    The fees are calculated according to a decreasing rate scale per tranche depending on the property’s price. This remuneration including tax will be calculated on the price recorded by the notary (agency fees included, excluding notary fees):

    Property Price Fees (including taxes)
    Property ≤ 600 000 € 2.90 %
    600 001 € to 900 000 € 2.65 %
    900 001 € to 1 200 000 € 2.25%
    1 200 001 € to 1 500 000 € 2%
    1 500 001 € to 2 500 000 € 1.50%
    Beyond 2 500 001 € 1.00%

    We start the search in Lyon with a budget of €200,000 for the purchase of a property.

    Example :

    For a property acquired at 875,000 € in Lyon, agency fees included, the remuneration including tax Homelike Home will be:

    600 000 € x 2,90% = 17 400 €
    (875 000 – 600 000 €) x 2.65% = 7 287 €

    Amount of fees = 17,400 + 7,287 = €24,687 including tax

     i.e. 2.82% including tax on the price of the property.


    Property Price (€)

    Amount of fees
    % on the price of the property


    Property research fees are one month’s rent (before tax) of the rented property (remuneration including VAT), with a fixed minimum of 2000 € inclusive of taxes.

    Turnkey Rental Investment

    Quote provided.

    Découvrez notre équipe de chasseurs immobilier Homelike Home à Lyon

    Sophie Hénon

    After many years of expatriation, Sophie is used to moving around the world, alone or with her family, and often within tight deadlines!

    So be reassured that Sophie will put all her energy into finding you the property of your dreams, meeting all your needs and constraints, be it a traditional Canut apartment, a dreamlike villa, or a futuristic apartment in the newest constructions of Confluence district.

    Listening to you, understanding your needs and quickly providing you with the best solution is at the heart of the challenge she has set for herself.

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