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Most people don’t have the time nor the resources to look for an apartment on their own, whether they speak French or English.

Homelike Home is a full- service company that helps busy clients find their ideal homes in Paris and everywhere in France, for ownership or rental. You can navigate the home buying process with confidence and ease. We will save you time and money, with our various English-speaking partners:

  • Notaries
  • Bankers to help obtain loans
  • Architects/ Renovation teams
  • Short term agency for rental
  • Management agencies

Your property search agent works in your best interest. We assist you from defining your needs until the final sale.

We always bring our in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm, whether we are working to find a small studio, or a house in need of a full renovation.

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The Homelike Home team

We are a 20 people team

Christine Pelosse

Christine Pelosse created Homelike Home in 2003, after being inspired by her own experience searching for an apartment in Paris.  Given her specific criteria, busy schedule and limited access to the market, she realized that allotting enough time to conduct an efficient search was nearly impossible.

With a background in marketing, she also has a degree from the Ecole Boulle of Interior Design, and an MBA from IFM (French Institute of Fashion). Christine has successfully found and renovated many “rare pearls” for her clients, assisted by her associates Lara Bel, Dominique Geoffray and Olivia Samson.

Olivia Samson

Trained as an interior designer, Olivia Samson joined the Homelike Home team in 2010. Thanks to her expert eye, she allows clients to invision and create their future “Home Sweet Home.”

Dominique Geoffray

Graduated in Real Estate Law with 15 years of experience in Corporate Real Estate, Dominique is the ideal agent to find your future offices and commercial premises.

Lara Bel

Lara, with a background in engineering, has developed Homelike Home in Bordeaux and in Aquitaine (Cap Ferret, Arcachon and its surroundings…).

house hunting leader in France for 15 years

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