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    Since 2003

    Property Hunter BASQUE COUNTRY

    Are you looking for real estate in the Basque Country?

    To buy, to rent? an apartment, a house, in Biarritz, Bayonne or its surroundings?

    You don’t have time to devote to this research and make unnecessary visits? So commission Homelike Home to prospect and visit for you!

    Located 1 hour by plane from Paris, with a very accessible airport, and just over 4 hours from Paris by TGV, Biarritz, and especially the Basque Country in general, is attracting more and more people from the Ile-de-France region.

    Recognized for its heritage, its cultural richness and, more generally, thanks to the unique living environment it offers, the Basque Country has become an essential destination in France. Between tourist influxes in the summer season and changes in desires following the various confinements, the real estate market on the Basque Coast has become as complex as it is frightening. Demand is exploding, prices are soaring and the “Locals” are trying, as best they can, to find what they’re looking for.

    In total, the French Basque Country has 159 municipalities for 310,000 inhabitants with 5 coastal municipalities (Bayonne, Biarritz, Anglet, Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Hendaye) which bring together 45% of the inhabitants.

    Real estate is on the rise in the Basque Country, which is renowned for its green landscapes and its lilting accent which takes us to the Spanish border, with Bilbao. But watch out for soaring prices with an increase, on average, of +35% of m2 in 5 years

    Prices per m2 are soaring, driven by the market for second homes and new arrivals.

    For an apartment in Biarritz, you need to count on €8,148/m2and certain neighborhoods like Beau Rivage are close to €10,000/m2, an increase of +14% over 1 year and +59% over 5 years!

    For a house in Biarritz, you will have to pay €6,833/m2 (median price), up +12% over 1 year and +53% over 5 years.

    In terms of rent, the price per m2 in Biarritz is €19/m2, an increase of +8% over 1 year.

    In Guéthary, the price per m2 reached €8,077, an increase of +7% over 1 year and +72% over 5 years! Guéthary, which is perched on the cliffs overlooking the Bay of Biscay, welcomes many personalities from the world of showbiz every summer. This village of The Basque Coast was successively a whaling port, a fishing port and then an internationally renowned surfing spot. The center ofvillage is definitely worth a look, especially for its beautiful typical houses.

    In Saint Jean de Luz, per m2 reaches €6,400, and certain neighborhoods approach €8,000/m2. Thanks to its mountains, its beaches and its ancient buildings, the Luzienne city is one of the most popular destinations in France. Its monuments and buildings such as the Maison Louis XIV and the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church make it one of the attractions of this region.

    In Anglet, count on €5,609/m², an increase of +11% over 1 year, but certain districts such as Chiberta, on the coast, reach more than €8,000/m²!

    In Send, we note a median price per m2 of €6,553, an increase of +12% over 1 year.

    In Bayonne, the price per m2 is less than 4000 €/m² and the same thing for Hendaye.



    The Pyrénées-Atlantiques real estate market is dynamic, with 7% more buyers than sellers. A percentage which increases as we get closer to the most famous cities, because working remotely facing the sea, surfing at lunchtime, and drinking an aperitif while eating tapas, makes many buyers dream!

    To accommodate the annual arrival of nearly 3,000 people, the accommodation offer is obviously insufficient. The department is experiencing strong demographic growth, which implies a strong demand for real estate.According to INSEE, the region could register 22,500 new inhabitants by 2040, due to its attractiveness and the numerous economic activities carried out there..

    The pressure is now also spreading to the peripheral belt and inland, a new Eldorado for these buyers tempted to go green following the Covid-19 lockdowns.

    For example at Espelette, the price per m2 is €2,600. The village of Espelette is often considered the most beautiful village in the Basque Country. Hanging on the facades of the houses, the famous village pepper adds to the authenticity of the place.

    The village of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port takes its name from its position at the foot of the Pyrenean passes (the ports). On the way to Santiago de Compostela, the city is home to a superb building, the Porte Saint-Jacques, classified as a world heritage site.

    The Basque Country is in good economic health, driven by the attractiveness linked to surfing and its numerous spots on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

    In the Basque Country, everyone knows the essentialsBayonne Festivals taking place at the end of July, all in red and white,leaning on bar counters for the occasion. But do you know the typical houses of the Basque Country? ? These Beautiful white and red houses in Colombage that we see at the bend of each road, these houses which bring to the Basque Country this character and this very particular authenticity

    Our fees


    The fees are calculated according to a decreasing rate scale depending on the price of the property. This remuneration including tax will be calculated on the price recorded by the notary (agency fees included, excluding notary fees):

    We start the search with a minimum budget of €200,000, for the purchase of the property.


    Decreasing scale by installments Applicable rate including tax
    From 0 € to 600 000 € 2.90 %
    600 001 € to 900 000 € 2.65 %
    900 001 € to 1 200 000 € 2.25 %
    1 200 001 € to 1 500 000 € 2.00 %
    1 500 001 € to 2 500 000 € 1.50 %
    Beyond 2 500 001 € 1.00 %


    Example :

    For a property acquired at 875,000 Euros, agency fees included, the remuneration including tax Homelike Home will be:

    600 000 € x 2,90% = 17 400 €
    (875 000 – 600 000 €) x 2.65% = 7 287 €

    Amount of fees = 17,400 + 7,287 = €24,687 including tax

     i.e. 2.82% including tax of the price of the property.

    Property Price (€)

    Amount of fees
    % on the price of the property

    For rent

    The search fees amount to one month’s rent excluding tax for the property selected (remuneration including tax), with a minimum set at 2,000 euros including tax.

    Turnkey rental investment

    We carry out rental investment research in Biarritz, Bayonne and its surrounding areas.Visit our dédicated page.

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