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    Chasseurs immobilier - Homelike Home
    Since 2003

    Property hunter in Aix-en-Provence and its surroundings

    Want to enjoy the “midi” sun?

    Aix-en-Provence is well known as the City of Art, as well as the City of Waters, a nice place to live with 300 days of sunshine per year. The Mediterranean sea is only 30 minutes away and also offers an exceptional quality of life.

    Aix-en-Provence, is first and foremost a historic center with a rich heritage. You can choose from Provencal studios with roof terrace, lofts, townhouses with private gardens, or 17th and 18th centuries mansions. On the outskirts of the city, you can find beautiful residences with apartments and open terraces, and beautiful secured subdivision houses.

    In the surroundings of Aix and Luberon area, enjoy the incredible charm of the countryside with picturesque villages where beautiful old country houses await you. Here too you can choose between old, renovated, or to-be-renovated farmhouses, modern architecture houses, subdivisions and also beautiful secured residences.

    Located just 30 min from the seaside, the western Var Department and the “Côte bleue” offer a pleasant lifestyle and a stunning sea view. From studios to waterfront villas, the properties are varied and can be used for both primary and secondary residences.

    Since the arrival of the TGV (3 hours from Paris) more than 15 years ago, the prices of properties in the surroundings of Aix-en-Provence and the Riviera have soared.

    Demand is strong, both for French and foreign buyers. The knowledge of the field, as well as the proximity, are necessary for an efficient and quick search.

    If you dream of living in the south, if you are transferred to the region, if you want to invest or just wish to buy a secondary residence, Homelike Home will search for both individuals and professionals, whether they are buying or renting in Aix-en-Provence and Region, as well as on the Western Riviera.

    We also take care of turnkey rental investment projects: defining the project depending on the objectives, works supervision, furnishing, first rental.

    We can also assist you by representing you with Architects and
    Contractors, if need be.

    Looking for a property in Aix en Provence and its surroundings?
    Contact Fabienne Lathuille to discuss your project.

    Our fees

    We carry out purchase and rental research, for individuals and professionals, in Aix en Provence and its region as well as on the West of the Côte d’Azur.

    Purchase :

    If the property is listed by a real estate agency, other intermediary or direct from the seller, the commission fees remain the same.

    The fees are calculated according to a decreasing rate scale per tranche depending on the property’s price. This remuneration including tax will be calculated on the price recorded by the notary (agency fees included, excluding notary fees):


    Property Price Fees (including taxes)
    Property ≤ 600 000 € 2.90 %
    600 001 € to 900 000 € 2.65 %
    900 001 € to 1 200 000 € 2.25%
    1 200 001 € to 1 500 000 € 2%
    1 500 001 € to 2 500 000 € 1.50%
    Beyond 2 500 001 € 1.00%

    We start the search in Aix en Provence with a budget of €200,000 for the purchase of a property.


    Example :

    For a property acquired at 875,000 Euros, agency fees included, the remuneration including tax Homelike Home will be:

    600 000 € x 2,90% = 17 400 €
    (875 000 – 600 000 €) x 2.65% = 7 287 €

    Amount of fees = 17,400 + 7,287 = €24,687 including tax

     i.e. 2.82% including tax on the price of the property.


    Property Price (€)

    Amount of fees
    % on the price of the property

    Renting :

    The search fees amount to one month’s rent excluding tax for the property selected (remuneration including tax), with a minimum set at 2,000 euros including tax.

    Turnkey Rental investment :

    We carry out rental investment research in Aix en Provence and its surroundings. Visit our dedicated page.


    If you too dream of living or buying in Aix en Provence and its surroundings, entrust us with your real estate search, and visit from your armchair! Contact Fabienne Lathuille: fabienne.lathuille@homelikehome.com

    Fabienne Lathuille

    Fabienne Lathuille, a Building Engineer, worked for several big companies in the construction sector.

    Passionate about real estate and architecture, she decided to join
    Homelike Home in 2018.

    She will support you in your real estate project and can guide you
    throughout the process, as she has lived in the region of Aix-en Provence for more than 20 years.

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