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    Chasseurs immobilier - Homelike Home
    Since 2003

    Property hunter le Perche

    Le Perche, a little corner of paradise for Parisians in search of countryside and greenery

    What does Perche mean, a region so popular with Parisians?

    Le Perche is an ancient French province, born in the 10th century from woodland. Today, it’s a natural region.

    Today, Perche is split between 3 regions and 5 départements:

    – Centre-Val de Loire, (departments of Loir-et-Cher and Eure-et-Loir)

    – Pays de la Loire (Sarthe department)

    – but its largest area is in Normandy, in the Orne (and Eure) departments, where Aurélie Caperan will find your future second home.

    The Parc Naturel Régional du Perche, created in 1998, is home to some of the most promising real estate, and extends over the departments of Orne to the west and Eure-et-Loir to the east.

    Perche also attracts French-speaking Americans in search of the land of their ancestors.

    In conclusion, the Perche department doesn’t really exist. It’s a sort of former province that has become a regional nature park, without having to go through the département process.

    What makes Perche so special?

    It’s a well-kept landscape: hills crowned with forests, valleys with bocage slopes, hedged lanes, rivers, ponds… lots of greenery and charming villages. An immense religious heritage, manor houses galore, authentic villages, a generous gastronomy, a paradise for lovers of antiques and home decoration, forests that have managed to remain secret and silent, all 2 hours from Paris, only by national roads.

    A Percheron “style” has established itself in the world of interior design. It’s characterized by the use of traditional terracotta tiles, lime plaster, jute cloth, linen and antique furniture, often presented in a soft “country chic” spirit. Its emblem is the Percheron horse!

    Where can you find the property of your dreams in Le Perche?

    Le Perche is easily accessible by car, especially from Paris on the N12, but if you’re coming by train, you’ll certainly need a car to wait for you at the station.

    By car, you can choose between the Nationale 12 to the north, linking Paris to Brest via Dreux, Mortagne-au-Perche and Alençon, and the A11 freeway to the south, linking Paris to Nantes via Chartres and Le Mans.

    By train, Le Perche is crossed by the Paris-Montparnasse to Brest line (part TGV), which serves the towns of La Loupe, Nogent-le-Rotrou and La Ferté-Bernard. It is also served to the south by the Vendôme – Villiers-sur-Loir TGV station, 42 minutes from Paris-Montparnasse.

    The main towns in Perche are :

    Bellême (Orne)

    Nogent-le-Rotrou (Eure-et-Loir)

    Mortagne-au-Perche (Orne)

    La Ferté-Bernard (Sarthe)

    It’s hard to understand this market if you don’t live in the area or don’t have the time to look around.

    Reactivity and availability are the watchwords of an effective search in the Perche region.

    With 17 years’ experience in the field, contacts with the best players in the real estate market and 1,000 search mandates, Homelike Home is the ideal partner for your property search in the Perche region, from Mortagne au Perche to Nogent le Rotrou and Bellême.

    The Perche has become a little corner of paradise for city dwellers in search of greenery. Finding your home in the Perche with Aurélie Caperan and Olivia Samson is the new challenge for our property-hunting team, for those who know how to be patient and who know where to look.

    Nos honoraires

    We carry out purchase and rental research, for individuals and professionals, in Le Perche and its region (Mortagne-au-Perche, Bellême, La Perrière, Nogent-le-Rotrou, la Loupe…)

    Purchase :

    If the property is listed by a real estate agency, other intermediary or direct from the seller, the commission fees remain the same.

    The fees are calculated according to a decreasing rate scale per tranche depending on the property’s price. This remuneration including tax will be calculated on the price recorded by the notary (agency fees included, excluding notary fees):

    Property Price Fees (including taxes)
    Property ≤ 600 000 € 2.90 %
    600 001 € to 900 000 € 2.65 %
    900 001 € to 1 200 000 € 2.25%
    1 200 001 € to 1 500 000 € 2%
    1 500 001 € to 2 500 000 € 1.50%
    Beyond 2 500 001 € 1.00%

    We start the search in Le Perche with a budget of €200,000 for the purchase of a property.

    Example :

    For a property acquired at 875,000 € in Mortagne, agency fees included, the remuneration including tax Homelike Home will be:

    600 000 € x 2,90% = 17 400 €
    (875 000 – 600 000 €) x 2.65% = 7 287 €

    Amount of fees = 17,400 + 7,287 = €24,687 including tax

     i.e. 2.82% including tax on the price of the property.

    Property Price (€)

    Amount of fees
    % on the price of the property


    Property research fees are one month’s rent (before tax) of the rented property (remuneration including VAT), with a fixed minimum of 2000€ inclusive of taxes.

    Turnkey Rental Investment

    Quote provided.

    Our le Perche team

    Adeline PETRIC


    Adeline connait le Perche comme sa poche ou presque !

    parisienne d’origine, j’ai habité dans le Perche avec mes parents puis suis revenue étudier à Paris. Après des études en art et communication, j’ai travaillé dans la publicité dans des grandes agences parisiennes.

    Suite à la naissance de mon fils, j’ai décidé de quitter paris pour L’aigle dans l’Orne et j’ai repris la société créée par mon père, dans le maraichage bio, (Bio Petrič) et j’ai commencé à investir dans l’immobilier et a créer ma propre petite entreprise.

    « Les résidences d’Adeline » est une conciergerie Aibnb, dans laquelle je gère de nombreux biens immobiliers sur la ville de l’Aigle. Une activité qui est très complémentaire de la chasse immobilière que j’ai découvert en 2021. L’équipe Homelike Home m’a tout de suite convaincue, car la notion de service et de sur mesure de la chasse immobilière me tient particulièrement à coeur.

    Une envie d’espaces verts, d’une maison dans lePerche, contactez-moi avec grand plaisir.

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