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    Chasseurs immobilier - Homelike Home
    Since 2003

    Property hunter in North Brittany

    Are you looking for a property in Bretagne Pays de la Loire? Loire-Atlantique ?

    Are you looking to buy or rent an apartment or house in or around La Baule, Saint-Nazaire or Pornic?

    You don’t have the time to devote to this search and make unnecessary visits. Then mandate Homelike Home to prospect and visit for you!

    Located less than 2 hours from Paris by TGV, Rennes – and North Brittany in general – is attracting more and more people from the Paris region, not only for vacation, of course, but also thanks to the introduction of telecommuting.

    North Brittany mainly comprises the following towns: Rennes, Saint-Malo, Perros Guirec, Quimper, Brest, Cancale, Roscoff…

    Rennes benefits from an infrastructure that provides easy access to the Côtes d’Armor, Côte de Granit Rose and Côte d’Emeraude, not to mention Mont Saint-Michel.

    Rennes, the economic capital of Brittany, is known for its historic half-timbered city center, its cathedral, its large Thabor park and its beautiful walks along the Vilaine river.

    The city combines attractiveness, economic and cultural dynamism, nightlife, leisure activities and wide-open spaces.

    Rennes is a dynamic city, with a mix of young people, especially students, and families. With nearly a third of its inhabitants being students, Rennes is a young city. It has a rich cultural offering, with numerous festivals, live shows and other leisure and sporting activities, as well as a good transport network.

    Its rich historical heritage, dynamic economy and local produce all contribute to the success of this medium-sized city, which has all the makings of a great city! In addition to the cultural wealth that Rennes has to offer, it also offers a pleasant living environment with the nearby countryside, where you can find ponds or urban beaches, laid out on the banks of La Vilaine.

    The real estate market remains extremely tight in Brittany’s capital, which remains as attractive as ever. Real estate prices in Rennes are in fine fettle, having risen by 14% since 2020, and it’s hard to beat that, especially in these times of crisis for the covid.

    The average price of a house, which has risen by +66% in 10 years, is €550,000. Apartment prices climb to €440,000, an increase of 50% in 10 years.

    All neighborhoods are affected by this double-digit growth, including downtown (+12.7%), Beaulieu-Baud Chardonnet (+19.1%) and Sud Gare (+12.7%).

    While downtown, Sud Gare and Beaulieu-Baud Chardonnet are the most sought-after areas, neighborhoods such as Bréquigny and Le Blosne have also fared well, and have not been spared by rising prices.

    The buyers are increasingly young, but not exclusively. Numerous Parisians in search of a true energy bath, under the sign of water, air and iodine, are arriving in Northern Brittany.

    If you want to recharge your batteries, head for the Emerald Coast, just 45 minutes from downtown Rennes.

    The corsair town of Saint-Malo is attracting more and more visitors.

    Dinard, with its beautiful beaches and British film festival.

    Inland, the medieval city of Dinan will transport you back to the time of the knights, and you’ll be carried away by a trip down the River Rance.

    Buying real estate in Rennes has become complex without the help of a property hunter. Whether you’re looking for an apartment in the city center or a house on the outskirts, Rennes is a city where properties sell fast…very fast. With little supply and ever-increasing demand, prices continue to rise. Rennes attracts many investors because the rate of return is so good. The average rent is €12.50 per M2, with a selling price of between €3,500 and €4,000 per M2.

    It was after moving to Rennes that her interest in real estate was born. Raising a large family in and around Paris was unthinkable for Marguerite. Twenty years ago, long before the various confinements we’ve experienced led to an appetite for the provinces, she chose to settle her family there, with the sea as her backyard!

    A lover of old stones and the seaside, the coast of Saint Malo, Dinard and the surrounding area hold no secrets for Marguerite.

    Passionate, dynamic and attentive to our customers’ needs, she knows how to find the property of your dreams in this magnificent region of Northern Brittany.

    We carry out purchase and rental research, for individuals and professionals, in north Brittany and its region.

    Purchase :

    If the property is listed by a real estate agency, other intermediary or direct from the seller, the commission fees remain the same.

    The fees are calculated according to a decreasing rate scale per tranche depending on the property’s price. This remuneration including tax will be calculated on the price recorded by the notary (agency fees included, excluding notary fees):

    Property Price Fees (including taxes)
    Property ≤ 600 000 € 2.90 %
    600 001 € to 900 000 € 2.65 %
    900 001 € to 1 200 000 € 2.25%
    1 200 001 € to 1 500 000 € 2%
    1 500 001 € to 2 500 000 € 1.50%
    Beyond 2 500 001 € 1.00%

    We start the search in North Brittany with a budget of €200,000 for the purchase of a property.

    Example :

    For a property acquired at 875,000 € in Rennes, agency fees included, the remuneration including tax Homelike Home will be:

    600 000 € x 2,90% = 17 400 €
    (875 000 – 600 000 €) x 2.65% = 7 287 €

    Amount of fees = 17,400 + 7,287 = €24,687 including tax

     i.e. 2.82% including tax on the price of the property.

    Property Price (€)

    Amount of fees
    % on the price of the property


    Property research fees are one month’s rent (before tax) of the rented property (remuneration including VAT), with a fixed minimum of 2000€ inclusive of taxes.

    Turnkey Rental Investment

    Quote provided.

    Contactez notre équipe Bretagne Nord

    Christine Collombel Pelosse


    C’est après son installation sur Rennes que son intérêt pour l’immobilier est né. Rester à Paris avec une famille nombreuse est devenu mission impossible. Il y a 20 ans, bien avant l’appétence pour la province suite aux différents confinements que nous avons connus, nous avons choisi d’ouvrir en province, avec la mer comme jardin public !

    Amoureuse des vieilles pierres et du bord de mer, la côte de Saint Malo, Dinard et ses environs n’ont plus aucun secret pour l’équipe de Homelikehome.

    Passionnée, dynamique et à l’écoute de nos clients, elle sait dénicher le bien de vos rêves dans cette magnifique région qu’est la Bretagne nord.

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