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The way we work with you

Our contract

At our first meeting, we will listen to your expectations, dreams, and budget. We then put together a report with the specifics necessary to outline the research.

  • Apartment size
  • Budget
  • Neighborhoods
  • Architectural style of building
  • Floor, elevator
  • Light, noise factor
  • Work, renovation, etc.

Given our in-depth knowledge of the Parisian architecture, prices, and particularities of each neighborhood, we are able to council you to make your project realistic.

This initial meeting takes place in your home, or by skype or telephone if you are living outside of France.

We work on an exclusive basis

  • our contract is valid for 3 months and automatically renewed
  • we commit to showing you a given number of properties that correspond to your criteria.
  • we guarantee our strictest confidentiality.
The search

We begin searching for you as soon as the contract is signed.

There are no multi listings in France, and no short cuts when it comes to exhausting the market.
We comb through numerous classified ads, published by more than 4 000 agencies, individual owners and notary listings.

Homelike Home selects the ads, conducts visits, and then proposes corresponding properties.

Since we have an exclusive contract together we are able to make an offer for a flat even if you are not in France.

We are completely transparent with our work, number of hours worked on research, number of apartements visited etc.


Each visit renders a comprehensive summary report, including pictures, maps and a floor plan, available through the client access on our website.

These summary reports are always presented in the same format, allowing you to see all aspects of the property visited:

  • Price
  • Size, number of bedrooms
  • Style of the building
  • Floor plan
  • Potential work needed to be done
  • View
  • Orientation
  • All accompanied with pictures that show not only the positive points, but the negatives as well.
  • You will visit Parisian apartments from your home!
The signing of the deal

Once we have found a product that corresponds to most of the criteria of your search, we will set up a meeting with both you and the seller.
The pertinent documentation is then gathered by Homelike Home for consultation before making the final decision (co-owners information, work to be conducted on the building, taxes, monthly charges, and the “diagnostics”: measurements, presence of lead, termites etc.)

We accompany you every step of the way, including the negotiation process, and offer our market expertise.

Our fees

Our fees are based on our comprehensive services from the initial meeting to the final signature of the property, when you have your “keys in hand”. We also include settling in services (opening telephone, cable, and electricity contracts).

We have no up-front fees.

We go one step further and offer partnerships with our selected English-speaking professionals free of charge:

  • Notaries
  • Brokers
  • Bankers
  • Tax attorneys
  • Rental agencies, that rent your property when you are not there
  • Renovation, painting, and cleaning specialists
  • Home insurance agents.

Our fees are a percentage of the actual purchasing price of the property

If a real estate agency is involved our fees are the following:

Price of propertyOur Fees
Property ≤ 300 000 euros2,75%
300 000 < property ≤ 600 000 euros2,50%
600 000 <property ≤ 900 000 euros2,25%
900 000 <property ≤ 1 200 000 euros 2%
1 200 000 < property ≤ 1 500 000 euros1,75%
1 500 000 < property ≤ 2 500 000 euros1,5%
Above 2 500 000 eurosupon estimate

If there is no agency involved our fees are the following:

Price of PropertyOur Fees
Property ≤ 300 000 euros4,75%
300 000 < property ≤ 600 000 euros4,50%
600 000 <property ≤ 900 000 euros4,25%
900 000 <property ≤ 1 200 000 euros4%
1 200 000 < property ≤ 1 500 000 euros3,75%
 1 500 000 < property ≤ 2 500 000 euros3,5%
Above 2 500 000 eurosupon estimate
Improvements / Decorating

We are available to make the most of your apartment, whether it is for yourself, or a short-term rental. Remodeling, renovating, or simply repainting, we work with a number of professionals that provide estimates, whereby we can oversee the work. All of these services are available upon estimate.

Are you looking to improve your home sweet home?
We consult and can provide a decoration service through Olivia Samson, our interior designer

You are involved on a daily basis as to the advancement of your project. We send you detailed reports along with pictures.

Here are some of our Before/After projects:

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